Created to carry out the will of the Immortal One. Through the ranks of the Unbeliever we shall move, creating a river of blood as we go. The Ascent of the Immortal One is coming. His enemies grow nervous for they can see the terrible retribution He shall inflict on them. Their punishments shall be legendary. Their screams of anguish shall echo amongst the stars. At His coming they shall scatter, hoping to avoid His wrath. We shall be the hounds at their heels, pursuing and bloodying them, drawing out their terror. And then He shall be there. Righteous in His fury. And He shall say, ‚It is I, Hezak. I have returned.‘ And the barred gates of Paradise shall be shattered by his wrath, and His enemies will know terror. For His return seals their doom. Mighty shall be His vengeance upon those who caused his exile. To the last will they be hunted, and none shall offer them refuge. For the Immortal One has returned to power. Only the Immortal One knows Truth, and he shares that Truth with us…

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